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To live "combustion optimization" an ongoing relationship between Pentol and client is required. Deployment stories show data and reports of worldwide projects Pentol has been involved. 

since 1969

Pentol is a well-known name in the world of power stations. It stands for innovative and affordable solutions to reduce emission and increase efficiency.

Sales, Engineering, Production and Service are concentrated in our plant in the south of Germany. Pentol employs around 35 people and operates sales and service points in Europe and other continents.

In addition to our products, services like SO3 and fly ash resistivity measurements and ESP inspections are much asked for.



provides a stable water-in-oil emulsion and optimises the combustion process. The result is a significant reduction of CO and NOx.


avoids corrosion and fouling at the cold end. It achieves cost reduction through decrease of exit gas temperature due to neutralisation of sulfuric acid.

PentoMag® 2550

Removes deposits from firebox and superheaters and prevents ash from sintering.

PentoMag® 4400 for diesel engines  

avoids corrosion and deposits and increases engine efficiency.

Flue Gas Conditioning

Reduce solid emission, reduce dust load on your FGD plant and increase whiteness of the gypsum.

SO3 Monitor

Online measurement of SO3 gas. The portable instrument allows to measure in different places up to 350 °C.

SO3 Generator

Produces small amounts of SO3 gas, e.g. to test SCR catalytic elements.

Magnesium Oxide

MgO for food, paper, industry and power.



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from 21 to 23 June | PowerGen Europe | Milan, Italy

from 20 to 22 September | PowerGen Asia| Seoul, South Korea

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Learn more about our two main additives for fuel oil fired plants 

• Water-in-oil emulsion » PentoMuls » Complete carbon burnout » reduce ash load and emission 

• Anti corrosion additive » PentoMag » Reduction of deposits and corrosion » improve heat exchange and efficiency